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What does a Short Block consist of? A Short Block is Pistons, Rods, and Crank installed into a Fully Machined Block. any additional Parts is considered a Long Block

What does a Long Block consist of? A Long Block any additional parts added to a Built Short Block.. Also this is a very hard item to price as there is so many parts and unless we have a very detailed

What is the wait time for a Short Block?  Depends on parts and combo, but is generally 4-6 weeks for a Common Short Block

What is the wait time for a Long Block? Depends on combo and parts, but is normally going to be 3-4 Months  for a Common Long Block

What is the Break-in procedure? Break-in oil or non synthetic oil for a few heat cycles, drain and inspect . Modular/Coyote 5W30 for Break-in…. Pushrod 5/10W30 (hyd) 10w30/40/50Wt (Solid Roller)

What is the difference in Top Fuel Hoops and Mini Hoops? Top Fuel Hoops is designed for Race application and requires a min of .050 thick copper gasket, the hoops are installed in the cylinder heads and receiver groove in the block. You will need to re-torque the cylinder heads after a few heat cycles. Mini Hoops is designed for a street/strip application and can be ran with a MLS gasket and can be installed in the block or cylinder heads(not both)

Do we offer a Warranty? While we stand behind our work, we disclaim all Warranties implied due to the excessive conditions placed in Street/Race aftermarket Engines and Parts. We do not accept any Liability for failure and or Injuries. The Customer/Purchaser accepts all risk and hazards in  Racing or while Driving.

What is Machine Work Only? Machine Work only is just that, you have to tell us what all you would like to have done, nothing more and nothing less… make sure you understand there is a lot that goes on with a fully machined and prepped build. Examples…. Sizing Bearings, Cam Bearings, Freeze Plugs, Debur, Filing Rings, Rod Clearance, Deck. Bore, Torque Plate Hone, Balance, Ring Fitment, Piston Pin Clearance, Rod Pin End Clearance, Chamfering Bearings, Thrust, and Many More that is involved with building a Engine

What kind of payments do we take? We take Cash, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, and Paypal…. We do charge a fee for using Credit Card











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